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intertwining like a ring around the finger of a girl

Karin // Part Damsel, Part Dragon
8 April 1993
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NAME: Karin.
AGE: 18.
BIRTHDAY: April 8, 1993.
COLLEGE MAJOR: Journalism.
DESCRIPTION: I have spent eighteen years on this earth learning that I don't know nearly as much as I should. I like to write, I like to draw, I like to fangirl, and I like to read. I have a lot of opinions that I make known here without shame, but I keep an open mind. I rarely ship canon. I come up with new ships every day. The ships I hate, I hate vehemently. The ships I love, I love passionately. Despite that, I am flexible. I am friendly. I am a ten year old trapped in an eighteen year old's body. I am Karin. Nice to meet you.

CURRENT FANDOMS/SHIPS: (avatar: the last airbender) jet/zuko, zuko/aang, zuko/toph, zuko/ty lee, jet/smellerbee, aang/toph, jet/katara, jet/azula, sokka/azula; (gossip girl) dan/blair, dan/vanessa, chuck/nate, nate/serena, nate/jenny, chuck/eric, chuck/vanessa, chuck/serena, chuck/dan, nate/dan; (south park) stan/kyle, cartman/butters, kenny/butters, stan/kenny, kyle/kenny, stan/wendy, cartman/wendy, kyle/wendy, craig/tweek; (supernatural) sam/dean, jared/jensen, dean/andy, dean/ruby, dean/castiel; (that 70's show) hyde/eric, kelso/fez, eric/jackie; (twilight) jacob/bella, edward/rosalie, edward/angela, jasper/bella, edward/bree, jacob/angela, edward/alice, edward/jacob, jasper/edward, paul/angela, mike/edward, quil/embry, edward/seth, edward/tanya, sam/leah, jacob/leah, jacob/rosalie.

OTHER FANDOMS/SHIPS: (across the universe) max/jude; (card captor sakura) eriol/sakura, eriol/syaoran, eriol/tomoyo, touya/yukito, touya/syaoran, syaoran/meiling, syaoran/tomoyo, eriol/meiling, touya/meiling; (code geass) lelouch/kallan, lelouch/suzaku; (code lyoko) ulrich/odd, ulrich/jeremie, odd/aelita, william/yumi, jeremie/yumi, jeremie/odd, jeremie/aelita; (dark angel) alec/max, logan/asha, logan/alec; (harry potter) harry/hermione, sirius/lily, cedric/harry, harry/luna, albus severus/scorpius, teddy/james, james/scorpius, james/sirius, remus/sirius, harry/draco, neville/daphne; (havemercy) royston/hal, rook/thom, thom/hal, balfour/thom, rook/balfour; (high school musical) troy/sharpay, troy/ryan, troy/chad, chad/ryan, ryan/gabriella; (the host) ian/wanda, jared/wanda, jared/ian, kyle/sunny; (jumper) david/griffin; (one tree hill) lucas/peyton, nathan/peyton, nathan/brooke, nathan/rachel, nathan/taylor; (the office) jim/pam; (smallville) clark/chloe, lex/chloe, lex/clark, oliver/chloe, oliver/lois; (w.i.t.c.h.) caleb/elyon, caleb/will; (bandslash) ryan/brendon, jon/brendon, jon/ryan, brendon/spencer, jon/spencer, pete/patrick.

HATED SHIPS: (avatar: the last airbender) aang/katara, sokka/suki, sokka/ty lee, sokka/yue, zuko/mai; (dark angel) logan/max, alec/asha; (gossip girl) chuck/blair, dan/serena, nate/vanessa; (harry potter) ron/hermione, harry/ginny, scorpius/rose, james/lily, snape/harry; (the host) jared/melanie; (the office) jim/karen; (one tree hill) lucas/brooke, lucas/lindsey, occasionally nathan/haley, mouth/rachel; (smallville) clark/lana, clark/lois, lex/lana; (supernatural) dean/bela, sam/bela, sam/ruby; (twilight) edward/bella, quil/claire, sam/emily, jacob/tanya; (w.i.t.c.h.) caleb/cornelia; (bandslash) ryan/spencer.

This journal is semi-friends only. That means many of my entries will be public, but the more personal ones will be friends locked. If you want to see all my entries, click on the picture below and request to be friended. But only after you've friended me first.

The Harry & Ron to my Hermione.
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